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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the NNT Awards?
The NNT Award recognises nurses and midwives who give back to their local or global community, are inspirational, selfless, caring and compassionate in what they do. 

NNT invites people to nominate to appreciate those professionals who have demonstrated great courage and creativity, inspired others or demonstrated exceptional kindness and care. 

Who can be Nominated?
Any practising nurse or midwife.

Who can Nominate?
Anyone. Nominations can be submitted by colleagues, supervisors, patients, doctors and also by the general public.

How can I Nominate?
Go to  NNT.com.au/nominate and complete the nomination form. Use 100 words or less to tell us what makes this nurse/midwife special.

What are the Award Categories?
Nurse of the Year 2020
Midwife of the Year 2020

Is there a limit to how many nominations you can submit?
No, there is no limit to the number of entries that can be submitted.   We encourage you to nominate multiple people. All entries must be submitted individually following the online entry process,

Is there a fee to enter?
No.   All entries are free.

What is the nomination deadline?
All entries must be received via the NNT.com.au/nominate by Sunday 12th April 2020.

What are the Prizes?
One (1) individual will win one (1) travel gift voucher for $2000 AUD for ‘Nurse of the Year 2020’ 
One (1) individual will win one (1) travel gift voucher for $2000 AUD for ‘Midwife of the Year 2020’ 

What is the selection process to determine the winner? All entries will be evaluated by a specialist panel of three judges who will determine the winner for each category.

When are the winners announced?
The winner for  “Midwife of the Year 2020” will be announced on Tuesday, 5 May 2020.
The winner for ”Nurse of the Year 2020” will be announced on Tuesday, 12 May 2020.

How does my nomination know they have been nominated?
Once you complete the nomination, the ‘nominee’ will receive an email which asks them to ‘accept’ and acknowledge they have been entered into the program. However, you can also tell them in person!

My nominee didn’t receive the email?
Sometimes the ‘accept’ email may land in their junk mail, ask them to check.

Can a nominee also nominate others?
Absolutely.   We encourage you to nominate and share with multiple team members.  

Can I enter via social media?
Unfortunately, we can only accept entries via NNT.com.au/nominate form

What do I do if I don't know their email address?
The nomination can not be completed without the nominee’s email address. Ask your nominee if is willing to provide the email. We need the email address so they can accept the nomination.   

Discount Codes

Where can I use it?
Visit NNT.com.au, enter the code during the check out process.

How long is it valid?
Until Dec 31st, 2020

Can I use multiple codes in one transaction?
Sorry, just one at a time.

Can I use it to buy any items?
Yes,  you can purchase any item on the NNT.com.au.
Much more than just health and hospital scrubs
Visit NNT.com.au to see the full range.